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with my utmost appreciation for everyone involved in the making of the below projects...

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Anything That Moves

A coming-of-age western set on a haunted ranch where the pressures of hunting manifest into reality.

Written and directed by Max Guillen

Produced by Pinar Binay, Carmen Anton Garcia, Sophia Heriveaux, Robert Gordon

Shot in Dallas, TX

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Max Guillen, Director

With the help of his friends and family Max, a Texas native, recently graduated from NYU with a concentration in cinematography and directing. Apart from filmmaking Max finds fulfillment in helping others.

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40 Nickels

An immigrant boy of the Depression-era soars above his family's tragedies.

Written and Directed by Yasmin Gorenberg

Produced by Demetrius Beckham, Pinar Binay, Olivia Krueger and Brooke Gehris

Shot in New York City, NY

Winner - George A. Heinmann Award 2019 

Winner - Makower Production Award 2020

Semi-Finalist, Flickers' Rhode island International Film Festival

Official Selection, Clermont Ferrand Film Market

Official Selection, Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival 2021

Official Selection, San Antonio Jewish Film Festival 2021

Official Selection, Austin Jewish Film Festival 2021

Official Selection, Joyce Forum Jewish Short Film Festival 2021

Nominee - best Cinematographer Annual Copenhagen Film Festival 2021

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Yasmin Gorenberg, Director

Yasmin is an award-winning director originally from Jerusalem, Israel. In addition, she is a cinematographer who has shot short films, music videos and the feature documentary the Road to Sabarimala.

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Burn, Baby, Burn

A chef is asked to cater his ex's wedding. Let the good times roll. Burn, Baby, Burn is a dark comedy about not letting go. 

Written and directed by J Anthony Roman

Produced by Pinar Binay, Sophia Loren Heriveaux, Alanna Finn, Daniel Choi, and Max Woetendyke

Shot in New York City, NY

Silver Award - Cinemafest 2022

Winner - Best Short Film Off The Reel ( A Ripple Effect Short Fes) 2022

Quarter-Finalist - New York International Film Awards

Nominee - Phoenix Shorts 2021 

Honorable Mention - Nassau Film Festival 2022

Official Selection, New York True Venture Film Festival 2022 

Official Selection, Latino Film Market 2022

Official Selection, Indie Showcase 2022 

Official Selection, Upstate New York Film Festival 2022 

Official Selection, Filmesque CineFest NYC 2022

Official Selection, Lift-Off Global Network NY 2022 

Official Selection, Newark International Film Festival 2022

Official Selection, Official Latino

Official Selection, International New York Film Festival 2022

Official Selection, Lovesick Film Festical 2022

Official Selection, ReadingFilmFest 2022

Official Selection, New City Film Festival 2022

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Hijas Mias

A susceptible preteen and her younger sister embark on a weekend trip with their manipulative nanny only to discover that she is not who they thought, and their return is uncertain.

Written and Directed by Carmen Antón García

Produced by Pinar Binay and Gloria Pérez

Shot in Madrid, Spain

Nominee - Best Short Film at Sydney Women's International Film Festival 2020

Winner - Audience Choice Award Coming of Age First Run Film Festival 2021

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Carmen Antón García, Director

Carmen is a Spanish filmmaker who was born in Seattle and recently graduated from the Film & TV program at the New York University. Carmen has produced a number of NYU productions along with other independent projects like “Comisión Huamachuco 2016” for the NGO Fundació Ramón Martí Bonet Against Blindness and, more recently, “Por un future en positivo” for NEXT Education. Carmen tells stories anchored in everyday life while pushing the limits of the expected.

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Her Voice

After surviving a brutal assault, a Taiwanese pianist attempts to help her daughter prepare for a piano recital.

Directed by Matthew Lai

Produced by Pinar Binay and Polina Buchak

Shot in Manhattan, NY

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Matthew Lai, Director

Matthew Lai is a New York based creative from Houston, Texas. He has worked extensively in different departments such as sound editing and SFX makeup, but his passion is directing/writing. He finds joy in subverting genre conventions to convey impactful stories.

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Let Me Go

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, when a mysterious creature begins to infest innocent people, a mother must choose between surrendering her dying daughter, or suffering the consequences of survival.

Directed by Matthew Lai

Produced by Pinar Binay, Ziyi Xu, Yutian Feng

Official Selection, H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival - Cosmic Horror & Tales of the Supernatural

Official Selection, Shockfest Film Festival 2021

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Pool Party

Nika, an introverted high schooler, lives every day feeling like an outcast. Marked with a significant scar on her stomach, she prefers to remain unnoticed, until a pool party invitation pushes her to confront all her insecurities.

Directed by Polina Bucha

Produced by Polina Buchak and Camila Grimaldi

Post-Production Produced by Pinar Binay

Silver Award - Independent Short Awards (Best First Time Director, Best Actress, Best Original Story)

Audience Choice Award - New Faces New Voices 2020

Finalist - Jelly Film Festival

Finalist - Oniros Film Awards 

Nominee - Indie Short Fest 2020

Official Selection, Prisma

Official Selection, New Filmmakers New York 2020

Official Selection, Flickfair Film Festival 

Official Selection, Nevada Women's Film Festival 2020

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Polina Buchak, Director

Born in Ukraine, raised in Nigeria, Polina is a New York-based filmmaker of many passions and interests. She aspires to tell stories around the world that are diverse and inclusive through the integration of new technologies into traditional filmmaking mediums.

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Meet the Neighbors

in post-production

Written and Directed by Derin Eğrikavuk

Produced by Pinar Binay, Emily Miller, Sofia Bara, Alexander Zinn

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