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Pinar Binay, originally from a small town in Western Turkey, is a producer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. 

From an early age, she has had a passion for all types of entertainment. She professionally danced, played the piano, and acted.

Pinar is passionate about the film business and production and has worked on twenty-five NYU short films in various capacities. Even though she is mainly a producer, she took on the roles of set dresser, line producer, camera assistant, cinematographer, gaffer, editor, location scout, casting director writer and director.

She also has experience working for acclaimed producers at her internships at Maven Pictures (Trudie Styler - Celine Rattray), Unique Features ( Bob Shaye), and Chronology Entertainment (Eric Heisserer). She also expanded her work experience by working closely with talent managers at MGMT Entertainment and independent producers in New York City such as Oscar Boyson and Christina DeHaven-Call. 

With her diverse background, Pinar values supporting filmmakers who incorporate their unique perspectives into their films. She enjoys the creative process more than anything else and is willing to take on the paperwork to help creatives bring their visions to the screen. She aspires to expand her perceptions with every film and to present these experiences authentically to audiences everywhere.

She also has an affinity for film festivals and is an active volunteer for Sundance Film Festival and acts as festival coordinator for the 18th New York Turkish Film Festival.

Currently, Pinar is studying Film and Television at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, with triple minors in Producing, Art History, and the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology.





An immigrant boy of the Depression-era soars above his family's tragedies.

Written and Directed by Yasmin Gorenberg.

Produced by Demetrius Beckham, Pinar Binay, Olivia Krueger and Brooke Gehris. 

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A coming of age western set on a haunted ranch where the pressures of hunting manifest into reality.

Written and Directed by Max Guillen

Produced by Pinar Binay and Carmen Antón García



A susceptible preteen and her younger sister embark on a weekend trip with their manipulative nanny only to discover that she is not who they thought, and their return is uncertain.

Written and Directed by Carmen Antón García

Produced by Pinar Binay and Gloria Pérez



Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, when a mysterious creature begins to infest innocent people, a mother must choose between surrendering her dying daughter, or suffering the consequences of survival.

Directed by Matthew Lai

Produced by Pinar Binay, Ziyi Xu, Yutian Feng



Nika, an introverted high schooler, lives every day feeling like an outcast. Marked with a significant scar on her stomach, she prefers to remain unnoticed, until a pool party invitation pushes her to confront all her insecurities.

Directed by Polina Buchak

Post-Production Produced by Pinar Binay

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An animator, whose life will soon end due to cancer, tries to connect with her friend.

Written and Directed by Matthew Lai

Produced by Pinar Binay



A habitual pickpocket, Dante steals a wallet from a Mysterious Man outside a Pizzeria. Upon inspection of the wallet, Dante discovers something leading back to a missing young girl.  

Written and Directed by Jeron Jordan

Produced by Pinar Binay



At midnight, a drunk nun and a hitwoman encounter each other at a bar.

Written and directed by Carmen Antón García

Produced by Pinar Binay


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